We had 3 years trying to refinance our loan interests were 8.5%, we never pay a fee, we did all the paperwork required by the same bank that gave it us and we was always denied any alternative to allow lower interests, our pleas were heard when we receive by mail the invitation of FEMBI MORTGAGE refinance with thema little incredulous, contacted a person, whose professionalism, patience, perseverance, human quality and optimism was guiding each step of the process until the closing operation, obtaining an interest very satisfactory for us. Madeline Spain, we want to thank you from our hearts and give thanks to God for having found our way as an angel sent by, has been to my family and to my immense pleasure to know that you a wonderful being able to give and help people like us, thank you thank you Madeline God bless you and us the opportunity to meet you and thank you for all the beautiful thing you’ve done for us. Get extensive thanks to everyone at FEMBI MORTGAGE.